Disciples Heart

 To hear the last part of our six week series, A Disciple's Heart, click on this Disciple's Heart icon


Every day, God calls upon men and women of all ages,

Faculty and Staff


School Office          426-2635


Principal Mrs. Wendy Sims wsims@stmm.org
Asst Principal Mrs. Ellen Martin emartin@stmm.org
Resource Mrs. Sherry Baird sbaird@stmm.org
Resource Mrs. Allison Moore amoore@stmm.org
Counselor Mrs. Brenda Clark bclark@stmm.org
Office Manager Mrs. Susan Keenan school@stmm.org
Communications Dir. Mrs. Kim Haering
Secretary Mrs. Carla Barber
8B Ms. Hillary Barter hbarter@stmm.org
8C Mrs. Charlotte Colley ccolley@stmm.org
8W Mrs. Dee Dee Walsh dwalsh@stmm.org
7G Mrs. Pat Garr pgarr@stmm.org
7S Mrs. Lisa Stiff lstiff@stmm.org
7W Mrs. Joyce Wicke jwicke@stmm.org
6A Mrs. Natalie Androla nandrola@stmm.org
6S Mrs. Martha Stout mstout@stmm.org
  Mrs. Barb Voet bvoet@stmm.org
6Z Mrs. Debbie Zangari dzangari@stmm.org
5B Mrs. Chris Bowles cbowles@stmm.org
5M Mrs. Chris Malone cmalone@stmm.org
5P Mrs. Lisa Priest lpriest@stmm.org
4F Mrs. Shelly Freeders sfreeders@stmm.org
4R Mrs. Cathy Rueff crueff@stmm.org
4T Mrs. Pat Toombs ptoombs@stmm.org
3G Mrs. Carolyn Gnau cgnau@stmm.org
3J Mrs. Jenny Schulten jschulten@stmm.org
3S Mrs. Michelle Stull mstull@stmm.org
2H Ms. Melanie Hagan mhagan@stmm.org
2K Mrs. Kristen Kischnick kkischnick@stmm.org
2S Mrs. Suzy Sneiderman ssniderman@stmm.org
1C Ms. Tina Chaput tchaput@stmm.org
1D Mrs. Julie Domzalski jdomzalski@stmm.org
1I Mrs. Jennifer Imorde jimorde@stmm.org
KD Mrs. Donna Laemmle dlaemmle@stmm.org
KL Ms. Laura Miller lmiller@stmm.org
KM Mrs. Alissa Moore amoore@stmm.org
KW Mrs. Theresa Watson twatson@stmm.org
Art Mrs. Amy Burch aburch@stmm.org
Computer Ms. Sandi Stinson sstinson@stmm.org
Library Mrs. Diane Justice djustice@stmm.org
Music Mrs. Brenda Harrison bharrison@stmm.org
Music/Drama Mrs. Angela Moth amoth@stmm.org
PE Mrs. Teri Nelson tnelson@stmm.org
PE Mrs. Lisa Iceman liceman@stmm.org
Spanish Mrs. Susan Delk sdelk@stmm.org
Spanish Mrs. Ginny Pratt gpratt@stmm.org
Reading Lab Mrs. Jan Wilmes                       jwilmes@stmm.org
Instructional Asst. Mrs. Kathy Donlon (KD) kdonlon@stmm.org
Instructional Asst. Mrs. Denise Bayens (KL) dbayens@stmm.org
Instructional Asst. Mrs. Jude Bauer (KM) jbauer@stmm.org
Instructional Asst. Mrs. Ann Thornberry (KW) athornberry@stmm.org
Instructional Asst. Mrs. Stephanie Pfeifer (1C) spfeifer@stmm.org
Instructional Asst. Mrs. Stacey Crush (1D) scrush@stmm.org
Instructional Asst. Mrs. Karen Krill (1I) kkrill@stmm.org
Instructional Asst. Mrs. Mary Gilroy (2H) mgilroy@stmm.org
Instructional Asst. Ms. Missie Kitchen (2K) mkitchen@stmm.org
Instructional Asst. Mrs. Dawn Reed (2S) dreed@stmm.org
Instructional Asst. Ms. Pat Harris (3G) pharris@stmm.org
Instructional Asst. Mrs. Iole Kohl (3J) ikohl@stmm.org
Instructional Asst. Mrs. Sharon Duff (3S) sduff@stmm.org
Instructional Asst. Mrs. Selma Petrovic spetrovic@stmm.org
Instructional Asst. Mrs. Terry Minton tminton@stmm.org
Instructional Asst. Mrs. Kathy Wirtzberger kwirtzberger@stmm.org



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