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Marriage Preparation Information 

St. Margaret Mary Catholic Community 

We welcome inquiries from all those seeking to enter into the sacrament of marriage and we want this to be a very special time in a couple’s faith life. A couple desiring to be married in the Catholic Church is expected to notify the parish office at least six months (preferably seven) prior to the proposed date of their wedding and schedule a meeting with the pastor. This interval allows time to prepare for such a sacred commitment. Only in rare circumstances will exceptions be permitted, at the discretion of the pastor.

At your first meeting with the pastor, you will put together a timeline that will include such things as; scheduling a date for taking The FOCCUS© Pre-Marriage Inventory; scheduling your marriage preparation classes; scheduling a time to meet with our Director of Worship and Music; and scheduling other events that may be pertinent to your personal situation. You will also receive a packet of information to further assist in your wedding preparations.

Below is a list of other information that you may find helpful in planning your wedding at St. Margaret Mary.

1. Weddings routinely take place on Fridays at 7:30 p.m. or Saturdays at 1:00 p.m.

2. Rehearsals routinely take place at 4:00 p.m. the day before the wedding.

3. The fee for weddings is $200.00.  There is also a $150.00 clean-up fee.  Payment of fees is due six months before the wedding. 

4. There is an additional fee for the wedding coordinator of $125.00. This individual coordinates the rehearsal and the wedding ceremony. This fee is payable on the day of rehearsal. 

5. Flowers should not be delivered earlier than 11:30 a.m. on the day of a wedding due to the possibility of a funeral in the morning. 

6. The FOCCUS© Pre-Marriage Inventory is a comprehensive, series of questions answered by couples preparing for marriage. It is designed to help engaged couples appreciate their unique relationship, learn more about themselves, and discuss topics important to their lifelong marriage. It should be scheduled early in the marriage preparation process. The pastor will discuss a time for this at your first meeting.

7. Attendance at a marriage preparation program is a requirement for marriage in the Archdiocese of Louisville. Couples may choose from the following marriage preparation programs as circumstances allow:

Sponsor (Mentor) Couple

This parish-based program offers a series of three or more sessions with trained married couples, in addition to the meetings with the parish priest/deacon. This program is for first marriages but, if trained couples are available, it can be used with couples in a subsequent marriage. For dates and additional information, click here. For dates and additional information contact the parish office 502-426-1588.

Foundation for Marriage

This one-day diocesan program is designed for those entering a first marriage. Sessions are structured to help engaged couples better understand themselves and the joys, complexities and challenges of marriage. Married couples and persons with expertise in the topic areas present and lead couple discussions. For more information contact the Archdiocesan Family Ministries office at 502-636-0296

Catholic Engaged Encounter

This weekend experience is designed for those entering a first marriage. A team of married couples and a priest leads it. Emphasis is placed upon creating a pattern of dialogue to enable couples to communicate with each other effectively. Although Catholic in origin and orientation, it is open to couples of any faith tradition. For more information contact the Archdiocesan Family Ministries office at 502-636-0296

Remarriage Preparation 

Persons marrying after the death of a spouse or a declaration of nullity are viewed with special concern owing to differing circumstances and past experience with marriage. Consult with priest/deacon for appropriate preparation. For more information contact the Archdiocesan Family Ministries office at 502-636-0296

8. There are circumstances which allow couples to be married at another parish or church. Marriage preparation can still be completed at St. Margaret Mary. These special circumstances should be discussed at your initial meeting with the pastor.


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